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免費生活App|recipes new|阿達玩APP

App containing 30000 recipes collection .

Our Recipes are in following categories

1.Tamilnadu recipes

2.South Indian Recipes

免費生活App|recipes new|阿達玩APP

3.Bengali Recipes

4.Gujarati Recipes

5.Jain Recipes

6.Maharashtrian Recipes

免費生活App|recipes new|阿達玩APP

7.Mughlai Recipes

8.Punjabi Recipes

9.Rajasthani Recipes

10.International Recipes Etc

免費生活App|recipes new|阿達玩APP

We have also a good search option , You can search your own recipe here.

It is very easy to use . We have some International recipes collections.

免費生活App|recipes new|阿達玩APP

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