position share|免費玩旅遊App


免費旅遊App|position share|阿達玩APP

Position share enables you to share your current position with your friends in real-time. Using position share, your friends always know where you are and you know where they are. If the app is running, your position is sent every five seconds!

You can also fulfil specific tasks in order to unlock new background colors.

- New language (German)

免費旅遊App|position share|阿達玩APP

- The background agent works now

- The time of the last update is now shown on the live tile

- revamped design of the map

免費旅遊App|position share|阿達玩APP

- terms of use moved to new page in order to ease the process of registration

- the app now sends logs

免費旅遊App|position share|阿達玩APP

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