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Ever wondered what the tasting notes are of a Whisky you consider buying? Do you want to know if you are paying a fair price for your next purchase? This application will enable like-minded connoisseurs to share Nosing and Tasting notes as well as price information.


Version Fixed a bug introduced in v1.4.1 which made the app crash when submitting a new price. In addition you where no longer able to create a new vendor. Tx to "Islay Lover" for reporting this! :-)


Whats new in version 1.4.1:

- Introducing the feature to 'add' Whiskies to the Community database. This is a major enhancement that will allow you to add those treasures not already available in the 1000+ Whiskies in our database. You'll also notice a new option in the main menu, called Pending Products, in which you can find the products you've requested to have added to the database. This will enable you to start adding Nosing & Tasting notes and Price details while the product is pending database approval (once approved it will be available through the products menu option.

- UI enhancements: Increased size of dropdown items making it easier to pick the correct list item.


- Beta tracker: You can now have visibility to Private Beta's of myReview in the Settings page.

- Performance enhancements: the application should now start up quicker compared to the previous versions.


Whats new in Version 1.3:

- You are now able to add price details in 3 currencies (EUR, GBP and USD).

- You are now able to Remove submitted Reviews.


- Direct Jump from Reviewed Item to Product Details (easy comparing your review note to the average community review).

- View minor layout tweaks and fixed a few minor bugs.


Whats new in Version 1.2:

- Doubled the trial results in the product result list.

- Increased Vendor prices in the Product Details to 5 vendors in trial version.


- Fixed a few minor bugs.

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