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免費旅遊App|kanji tiles|阿達玩APP

New in 1.3:

- Fast app-switching support;

- Start tile will update to show the number of kanji ready for review.

免費旅遊App|kanji tiles|阿達玩APP

A flashcard app for reviewing kanji keywords and stroke orders based on James Heisig's book "Rembering the Kanji 1". The app includes all 2042 kanji presented in the book. Allows you to practice drawing the kanji and compare your answer to the reference.

Each day the app will present you with keywords, and ask you to draw the corresponding kanji in the tile. If you make a mistake, you can tap the clear button in the lower-right corner.

免費旅遊App|kanji tiles|阿達玩APP

After you've drawn the kanji, flip the tile over by swiping from the left or right side of the screen. Compare your kanji and stroke order to the reference and rate yourself according to the guide.

Each day, the app will present the kanji you need to review that day. Once you finish reviewing all the kanji for the day, you're done, unless you're ready to add more tiles based on your progress through the book.

免費旅遊App|kanji tiles|阿達玩APP

The app uses a spaced repetition algorithm based on your ratings to present the kanji at increasing intervals that maximize retention. It's important to be honest with your ratings, so the kanji is presented at appropriate intervals. When first starting, it's important not to do "extra" review outside of the app, otherwise the forms get reinforced in short-term memory and don't make the transition to long-term memory.

免費旅遊App|kanji tiles|阿達玩APP

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