i Podcast|免費玩個人化App


免費個人化App|i Podcast|阿達玩APP

Browse, search, stream, download, and listen to your favorite podcasts directly from your windows phone device.


- Search, subscribe to and download audio podcasts of any size

免費個人化App|i Podcast|阿達玩APP

- Manually subscribe to podcasts via URL

- Create and edit playlists

- Remember the position that you paused it and continue where you left of

- Variable playback speed

免費個人化App|i Podcast|阿達玩APP

- Save episodes to SD card

- Continue podcast downloads in background

- Sync and backup podcasts, playlists to cloud including all the metadata e.g. played, play position etc

- Sync podcasts, playlists and play status across multiple devices

免費個人化App|i Podcast|阿達玩APP

- Automatic background refresh with tile notification

- Automatic download episodes at background when wifi is on

- Sleep timer

- View podcast details and episode show notes

免費個人化App|i Podcast|阿達玩APP

- Play audio in the background

- Play video podcasts

- Stream episodes without downloading

- Control audio with Bluetooth or other headphone remote controls

免費個人化App|i Podcast|阿達玩APP

- Display download history

- Lock downloaded episodes

- Import OPML

- Show space usage

免費個人化App|i Podcast|阿達玩APP

- Pin playlist to home screen

- Push notification for new episodes

What's new in version 3.6

- Added select all button in podcast and playlist page

免費個人化App|i Podcast|阿達玩APP

- Bug fixes

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