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免費體育競技App|Zoo Party|阿達玩APP

This is a funny casual game.

免費體育競技App|Zoo Party|阿達玩APP

You can dismiss three or more animal faces if they match vertically or horizontally(If they are the same animal face, they just match).

And also, the "HAPPY FACE" is new feature in the game. If four or more animal face get match, you will get a happy face. A happy face can match any other animal face(of course, you have to match three or more to dismiss them).

This game is inspired by the "Jewels" game which is as classic as tetris, it's a terrific good game. A big thank to the developer.

And the Jewels game also known as 钻石迷情, 宝石, 보석

Enjoy it. And please feel free to give me feedback.

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