Zapi Quake|免費玩個人化App


免費個人化App|Zapi Quake|阿達玩APP

This applications provides details on recent earthquakes across New Zealand. It will also provide the description of the events as well as plot the events based on the latitude and longitude within 2 decimal places (this may differ from the event mapped by Geonet as they use more decimal places for the latitude and longitude for an event).


免費個人化App|Zapi Quake|阿達玩APP

* icon changes and bigger screen area


* fixes for change in geonet website

免費個人化App|Zapi Quake|阿達玩APP

* filter setting will get all events greater than or equal to the value


免費個人化App|Zapi Quake|阿達玩APP

* minor bug fixes

* user interface changes

* icon changes

免費個人化App|Zapi Quake|阿達玩APP


* minor bug fixes

免費個人化App|Zapi Quake|阿達玩APP


Some features are as follows:

免費個人化App|Zapi Quake|阿達玩APP

* shows up to 30 recent earthquake events from across New Zealand* have the ability to filter by the magnitude level to reduce the returned events* select an event to see the event plotted on a map which can be viewed in road view or satellite view

* plot all events on a map showing the magnitude as well as the depth of the event and view in road view or satellite view

* send recent earthquake events via email

免費個人化App|Zapi Quake|阿達玩APP

* send individual earthquake events via sms

* can zoom in and out of the plotted event

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