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免費個人化App|Zain Enaya|阿達玩APP

Take control of your network experience with the Enaya Zain coverage checker. This smart app empowers you to check your network coverage and performance, whilst automatically reporting problems to Zain as they happen!

No need to call customer support. Your app will tell Zain about any problems you experience in real-time – such as dropped calls, no data and no service availability – along with your location, handset info, battery level, signal strength and a whole range of other useful network information! This will allow Zain to fix problems super fast, before they develop, with the aim of improving your experience! You can also report problems manually, such as slow mobile internet or poor call quality – letting Zain no improvements need to be made in a matter of seconds!

Zain treat all customer feedback seriously and by installing this app you will allow us to ensure you receive the highest level of customer service! We don’t want you having to spend time calling us to report problems. We want to resolve these issues quickly and efficiently, whilst also keeping you updated via the app with personal and insightful responses, showing our commitment to superior customer service more information about known issues in the area, as well as possible solutions

Download and install now, to take control of your Zain experience!

免費個人化App|Zain Enaya|阿達玩APP

免費個人化App|Zain Enaya|阿達玩APP

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Zain Enaya玩免錢App

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