YomoMedia is the most complete RSS Newsreader and Podcast Viewer available for Windows Phone 7. And now updated for Mango background operation and tiles.

Instantly stream audio/video podcasts, or


Download audio/video for offline viewing

Download audio/video under lock screen

Sync with Google Reader (optional)


Post to Facebook, Twitter and save to Instapaper

Search and add your own feeds

Save articles for offline viewing


Add/manage feeds with one touch

Pre-loaded with hundreds of feeds

Adjust article font size


Change panorama background graphic

Re-name feed title


With YomoMedia, your phone is a rich media player. You can download and playback audio and video podcasts, keep up with current affairs, sports clips and lectures or even learn a new language, all from RSS audio and video podcasts. Mark one or more podcasts for download and then listen to them at your convenience, whether or not you are connected to the network. Alternatively, stream the podcast for immediate playback while you are connected.

You can choose from over two hundred popular feeds in the Catalog, search online for your favorite feed or choose feeds from your Google Reader account. YomoMedia7 syncs to your Google Reader account allowing you to add and manage feeds from your PC and view them on your device.


Save and share articles. Saving an article into your Saved list will keep it until you delete it. Or share it with friends either by email or posting the link to Facebook or Twitter.


YomoMedia turns your phone into a powerful media hub and viewing device. Get all the content you want, when you want it… in one place. Beyond simply supporting text feeds, the ability to both stream and download audio & video podcasts makes YomoMedia 7 the best RSS Newsreader available for Windows Phone7.

Updated for Mango with additional support for media playback and background operation.

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