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免費生活App|Yakety Yak Diary|阿達玩APP


Yakety Yak Diary is your best option to record your most memorable life events as they happen. The app’s simple interface makes it a breeze to use. Start recording your text entries, voice recordings and photos to find out how easy journaling can be!


- Our calendar-based system allows you to create a daily entry to record all the wonderful moments of your day into a single entry which you can easily retrieve to review, edit, or just relive! No hassle of dealing with multiple entries per day!

- You can add text, pics and AUDIO RECORDING to your entries! You heard it right, you can record your day by talking into the app!

- Tag your entries and search them later with the custom text tags!

- Choose to view your entries from the monthly calendar view.

- Sync your Dropbox* account and store all your entries in it securely. Also save space on your mobile by saving the entries in Dropbox* rather than in the device!

- Help keep your content away from prying eyes by setting up a passcode.

- Set up daily, weekly, monthly reminders for the app to remind you to write into your journal.

- Export a pdf copy of your day!

- Share your pics from the app directly onto Facebook, Twitter, or email.*

* Users must create an active Dropbox, Twitter or Facebook account.

免費生活App|Yakety Yak Diary|阿達玩APP

免費生活App|Yakety Yak Diary|阿達玩APP

免費生活App|Yakety Yak Diary|阿達玩APP

免費生活App|Yakety Yak Diary|阿達玩APP

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Yakety Yak Diary玩免錢App

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