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免費財經App|WriteTax Tax Tables 2011/12|阿達玩APP

WriteTax Tax Tables 2011/12: tax rates and thresholds provide you with easy access to a comprehensive library of UK tax rates and threshold for 2011/12. It ensures that wherever you are you have current UK tax rates and threshold at your fingertips, without the need to hunt around for a set of tax tables, a tax data card or to search the internet.

The app reflects rates, thresholds and allowances for 2011/12 to the extent that these are currently available, as well as due dates and filing dates for the following:

* Advisory fuel rates

* Approved mileage allowance payments

* Capital allowances

* Capital Gains Tax

* Company Cars

* Company vans

* Corporation Tax

* Employer deadlines

* Incidental Overnight Expenses

* Income Tax

* Inheritance Tax

* ISAs

* National Insurance Contributions

免費財經App|WriteTax Tax Tables 2011/12|阿達玩APP

* National Minimum Wage

* Official rate of interest


* Penalties

* Pension

* Relocation Assistance

* Savings and Investments

* Self-assessment

* Stamp taxes

* Statutory Payments

* Student Loans

* Tax Credits

* Termination Payments

免費財經App|WriteTax Tax Tables 2011/12|阿達玩APP


This release reflects that budget announcements on 23 March 2011.

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