Word Finder|免費玩解謎App


免費解謎App|Word Finder|阿達玩APP

Do you know words ? do you have a good eyesight or concentration to identify hidden words ? Then here is your challenge !

免費解謎App|Word Finder|阿達玩APP

Find all the words in the given grid, all the words are formed horizontally. The user has to find the words that are being made up horizontally in the grid and tap on each and every letter to form the word in every line.

免費解謎App|Word Finder|阿達玩APP

There are two user levels "noob" and "pro", where in the pro level the grid will be changing automatically after 10 seconds regardless of whether you have completed the grid. In noob level the user has to complete a one grid to go to the next one. or else they can click on "Skip" to switch to a new words grid.

免費解謎App|Word Finder|阿達玩APP

Complete the two levels and win the challenge ! ;)

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