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Calculator for wine evaluation

Evaluate wine like a professional. You will be using a 100-point scale that is widely used in international competitions and prestigious publications. Not sure where to start? Don’t give up, it isn’t at all difficult. Use a simple marking system, from 1 to 5.

Individual characteristics of a wine are evaluated separately. First you give a mark to appearance, then aroma, and finally taste. Each of these characteristics is further broken down into:


* clarity

* colour (to what degree colour corresponds to the varietal, year, type of wine, etc.)

Aroma (“nose”)

* intensity

* purity (to what degree aroma corresponds to the varietal, year, type of wine, etc.)

* harmony


* intensity

* purity (to what degree taste corresponds to the varietal, year, type of wine, etc.)

* harmony

* persistence (how long the taste impression lasts)

Finally you evaluate overall impression. With this you express how the much the wine is to your taste, and how the individual characteristics go together.

免費生活App|Wine Rater|阿達玩APP

Give every quality a mark on a 5-point scale, where 1 is best and 5 is worst:

1 excellent

2 very good

3 good

4 satisfactory

5 not satisfactory

The mark then is given points, which can vary depending on the relative importance of the characteristic concerned. The points awarded can be displayed in the application at the press of a button.

The resulting score is in the range of 40-100 points:

40 - 69 undrinkable wine

70 - 74 mediocre wine

76 - 79 a wine that makes no particular impression

80 - 84 a good everyday drinking wine without serious flaws

85 - 89 very good wine

90 - 94 excellent wine, worth tasting

95 - 100 wine of the absolute highest quality, unique and fantastic

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