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免費書籍App|Wind Power for All|阿達玩APP

'Wind Power for All' is an interactive book that begins with an explanation as simple as possible about how is done and how work a wind generator, and then provide computational tools that simplify the design and ideas and suggestions for simplifying the construction.

To make sliding the speech, itself very large and complex, the application is divided into a theoretical part, structured as a short book, and a practical part, which provides the tools for calculating and ideas for building.

The theoretical part covers the following topics, each of which consists in one short chapter : origins and characteristics of the wind, the extraction of mechanical energy of the wind, types of wind turbine rotors, the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy, the feasibility of 'plant.

The practical part provides the tools to calculate the size and performance of a rotor, explains how you can make small, simple but efficient alternators and provides advice on the procurement of recovered materials suitable for the realization of self-built wind turbines.

免費書籍App|Wind Power for All|阿達玩APP

免費書籍App|Wind Power for All|阿達玩APP

免費書籍App|Wind Power for All|阿達玩APP

免費書籍App|Wind Power for All|阿達玩APP

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