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免費書籍App|Wikipedia7 - FREE|阿達玩APP

!!! The free version of WIkipedia7 - ad-supported !!!

Here is an application to facilitate your researches and readings on the famous Wikipedia. With this application that offers unique features, you can:

- Browse the pages in Wikipedia mobile version

- View summary

- Show all images of a page with a builtin viewer, like in the photo hub! Pinch to zoom, flick, ... launched directly from page

- Search with autosuggestion

免費書籍App|Wikipedia7 - FREE|阿達玩APP

And more:

- Complete Metro Interface

- Manage favorites

- Manage recent search

- User interface in English and French

- Using Wikipedia in 50 different languages

- Landscape mode support

免費書籍App|Wikipedia7 - FREE|阿達玩APP

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-MANGO compatible

-a few bugs fixed

免費書籍App|Wikipedia7 - FREE|阿達玩APP


-NEW: save article images to pictures Hub

-NEW: share article with friends

-a few bugs fixed


-NEW: internal image viewer launched directly from article!

-NEW: landscape mode support

免費書籍App|Wikipedia7 - FREE|阿達玩APP

- lot of english texts fixed (grammar and vocabular, sorry I'm french!)

- a few optimizations and bugs fixed


-UPDATE: image viewer improved with navigating between images, help (how to zoom with Pinch, Double Tap, ...)


-NEW: image viewer, like in photo hub!

免費書籍App|Wikipedia7 - FREE|阿達玩APP


-new version, bugfixes and trial mode updated

免費書籍App|Wikipedia7 - FREE|阿達玩APP

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