Where is my car?|免費玩旅遊App


免費旅遊App|Where is my car?|阿達玩APP

Have you ever forgotten, where you have parked your car? Ever lost time, when searching your car on the wrong floor of a parking garage?

Use „Where is my car“ and this will never happen again. Simply push the app´s big red button to save the current location.

„Where is my car“ stores the current address and position of your car using GPS. You can fine tune the location by moving the position indicator directly in the map. Additionally you can add a voice note. This is very handy when you have parked your car in a parking garage and want to record floor and place numbers. If no GPS is available, you can enter the adress via the keyboard. Marking adresses as favorites allows you to reuse frequent used locations. The history log with deletable entries shows the last 10 saved positions of your car. Zoom in and out of the map or let the app show you the way back to your car. You can even mark the current location as „I´ve already picked up my car“.

Upcoming features:

- Use camera to take and attach a picture

免費旅遊App|Where is my car?|阿達玩APP

- Live tiles

- Reminders for parking tickets

- Send location by mail/sms

- Send location to another user of „Where is my car“

- Multiple cars

- Tracking routes


免費旅遊App|Where is my car?|阿達玩APP

- A trial version is available now

- Mango ready

- Bugfixes

- Rate & Review

- History-Log

- Voice notes for the current location

- See history and favorites on map

- Draggable location for fine tuning the address

免費旅遊App|Where is my car?|阿達玩APP

- Finding walking-routes to your car

- Change of privacy policy

免費旅遊App|Where is my car?|阿達玩APP

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