Where Are You?|免費玩旅遊App


免費旅遊App|Where Are You?|阿達玩APP

Where Are You 3.0

Where Are You, is target tracking app through GPS and Tracking System for Realtime and external targets. For those who do not install this application on SmartPhone and many other functions.

Main Features

- Map Offline [Here Map]

- Running In Background

免費旅遊App|Where Are You?|阿達玩APP

- Member Register / AutoLogin

- Show Detail of map

- Add the target and target details

- Realtime tracking target

- Displays To see where we are from others

- Security system to track the location

- Search for Nearby with us

免費旅遊App|Where Are You?|阿達玩APP

- Target position And a detailed

- "Green Flag" at the beginning of the placement. (Details page)

- Add path (red line).

- Measure the distance (km), speed (miles per hour) and maximum speed (miles per hour) and show batteries, etc. of followers

- Displays your current location

- Add lock / unlock position (details page, target tracking)

- The screen does not turn off when use app

免費旅遊App|Where Are You?|阿達玩APP

- Distance Systems In a "target tracking Realtime" (target tracking)

- Find a road from "Our position to the position of the target" (target tracking)

- View the target of the URL sent to the target

- Play Sound

- Where Are You Available on the web by visiting at http://www.where-are-you.net/


免費旅遊App|Where Are You?|阿達玩APP

- This app will access the location / your place and we will not disclose the location . Or enter your location Whatever the case, any

- Your personal information will be kept confidential. And is not published yet.

- and you can on / off position, choose to open or close your position

Official Where Are You

Website: http://www.where-are-you.net

免費旅遊App|Where Are You?|阿達玩APP

Contact CuteDev

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cutedevcompany

Website: http://www.cutedev.net

Contace Dev

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nongyen

New Future Prolist

免費旅遊App|Where Are You?|阿達玩APP

- Fix UI

- Fix Navigate Map

- Chang Location Other

免費旅遊App|Where Are You?|阿達玩APP

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