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免費生活App|What's Up|阿達玩APP

Looking for something to do? Find your nearby friends on Facebook Places and checked in to Foursquare or Gowalla. Find local shows and happenings as well as events you've been invited to on Facebook. All in a single place place with What's Up.

Never be bored again!

Update 1.1: You can now search for Facebook Places & Foursquare venues to check in to them

免費生活App|What's Up|阿達玩APP

Update 1.2: Fixes for Eventful, added Gowalla support

Update 1.3: Fix for a bug in Gowalla auth

Update 1.4: Login fix for Windows Phone 7.5

Update 1.5: Gowalla fixes and Live Tile support

Update 1.6: minor Live Tile fixes

免費生活App|What's Up|阿達玩APP

Update 1.7: fixed Facebook Events (you may have to re-login to Facebook to start seeing them)

Update 1.8: moved to newer Foursquare API version

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