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免費個人化App|Western Times|阿達玩APP

Looking to have the Western Times at your fingertips? Then look no further than the Western Times app from PressReader. With this app all sections are presented as full-content digital replicas, in their original layout. You can subscribe to the epaper through this app and download the publication wherever you are. Flip pages, pan and zoom in to view any page, article or photo in stunning clarity.

App features

免費個人化App|Western Times|阿達玩APP

• Reading publications using the attention grabbing horizontal reading stream, SmartFlow

• Sharing your favourite articles via Email, Facebook and various other social media channels

• Auto-delivery of your favorite publications

免費個人化App|Western Times|阿達玩APP

• Listen to your publication read aloud

• Sharing your opinion by supporting or opposing a story

免費個人化App|Western Times|阿達玩APP

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