Water Tracker|免費玩健康App


免費健康App|Water Tracker|阿達玩APP

The best app to keep track of your hydration levels. "Water Tracker" is an simple, easy to use and full featured water tracker. Reminders, history, single tap entry, theme customizations - the works!

*NEW* Edit History : Now you can edit the water intake value for any day. Just tap the day on the graph.

免費健康App|Water Tracker|阿達玩APP

Key Features

- Single tap to record drink - in and out of the app in a second

免費健康App|Water Tracker|阿達玩APP

- Supports whatever unit you are most comfortable in - glasses, ounces or ml.

- Pinned tile tells your progress at a glance

- Customizable accent color of your choice to theme the app

免費健康App|Water Tracker|阿達玩APP

- Crisp graphs to show your water intake history

- Edit history (tap the day on graph to change the water intake)

- Flexible reminder system that prompts you to drink

免費健康App|Water Tracker|阿達玩APP

Version History :

v3.0 : Ability to edit History (from the graph page)

免費健康App|Water Tracker|阿達玩APP

15 full trial enabled

v2.0 : Minor UI tweaks and improvements.

Increased daily hydration target levels on user request.

免費健康App|Water Tracker|阿達玩APP

v1.0 : Initial Release

免費健康App|Water Tracker|阿達玩APP

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