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免費生活App|Wassail Dark Ale|阿達玩APP

Learn to brew using malt extract. Cameron Wallace and Luc Delistrade demonstrate the intermediate step between kit beer and all-grain brewing. This beginner tutorial will produce 23 liters / 6 US gal of very tasty home brew. By using malt extract Cameron and Luc save time and reduce the chances for mistakes while brewing. Brew beer with extract and get all the flavour!

Extract brewing removes the mashing-in and sparging step to all-grain brewing, saving time but costing a little bit more money. Brewing with extract you do add some soaked malted grains which adds more flavour and complexity to your beer than if you were just to brew with a kit.

It's a happy medium and there are some brewers that swear by it and have brewed this way for years. Cameron and Luc brew the beer they want with out a lot of extra time or mess, making extract a natural choice for a lot of home brewers.

These guys brew on their back patio, which speeds up cooling of the wort and eliminates some of the odours from brewing that their wives do not take kindly to... With their simple gear and process, like their auto-syphon wort chilling technique, Cameron and Luc create a dark, flavourful and low maintenance ale, taste the flavour.

Table of Contents:

免費生活App|Wassail Dark Ale|阿達玩APP

1 - Trailer

2 - Introductions

3 - Equipment

4 - Recipe

5 - Ingredients

6 - Set-up

7 - Soaking the Malt

8 - The Boil (Part 1)

9 - The Boil (Part 2)

免費生活App|Wassail Dark Ale|阿達玩APP

10 - Cooling

11 - Sanitization

12 - Top-up

13 - Original Gravity

14 - Pitching the Yeast

15 - Primary Racking

16 - Secondary Racking

17 - Terminal Gravity

18 - Bottling

免費生活App|Wassail Dark Ale|阿達玩APP

19 - Tasting

20 - Credits

免費生活App|Wassail Dark Ale|阿達玩APP

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