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免費生活App|Wallpapers by GelaSkins|阿達玩APP

We at GelaSkins are proud purveyors of artist-designed, removable covers for phones, mp3 payers, tablets and Laptops. We’ve created this app so you can easily download amazing wallpapers directly to your Android device. Check out the gallery for wallpapers from contemporary street artists, classic fine art and everything in between. Choose from over hundreds of free wallpapers designed by our international artists

Here’s how it works:

- Search or scroll through hundreds of images

免費生活App|Wallpapers by GelaSkins|阿達玩APP

- Select an image

- Customize it to your liking

免費生活App|Wallpapers by GelaSkins|阿達玩APP

- Your new wallpaper will appear under Gallery

- Set the image as your wallpaper

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