Wali SMS-Magic pill theme|免費玩個人化App


免費個人化App|Wali SMS-Magic pill theme|阿達玩APP

“Magic pill” is a theme application applied to Wali SMS. Do you want to have the magic to change the world? The magic pill will help you realize your dream.

1. Please ensure your mobile phone has been installed with Wali SMS prior to installing this theme application.

免費個人化App|Wali SMS-Magic pill theme|阿達玩APP

(Android Market download link: https://market.android.com/details?id=cn.com.wali.walisms or please search in Google Android Market for “Wali SMS” to download.)

2. Application of the theme: download and install the theme of “Magic pill theme” for Wali SMS, enter Wali SMS– Menu – Skin – Select, and click on it to apply the installed theme of “Magic pill”.

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