Wacky Bunnies|免費玩街機App


免費街機App|Wacky Bunnies|阿達玩APP

It's here! The game we were all waiting for since the start of this semester.

免費街機App|Wacky Bunnies|阿達玩APP

Wacky Bunnies are creatures living in burrows below the surface of the earth across the country. They look cute, but do not let them fool you. Under their adorability, they are real intelligent and mean little fellows that plan their every move to succeed in getting what they want. Join the adventure to get rid of these rodents that are overrunning every garden in the proximity of their rabbit hole. Pull them out of their hideaways to earn stars and submit your high scores to get reputation among your family and friends.

免費街機App|Wacky Bunnies|阿達玩APP

Wacky Bunnies is a simple casual game with an explosion of fun for you, your child or even your grandma.

免費街機App|Wacky Bunnies|阿達玩APP

It has been created as a Final Year Project by a student of University College Cork.

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