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WUNC wants to hear non-verbal sounds that tell us something about events, places, science and people.Good sounds are all around you – but you need to get close. Before you hit record get as close to your subject as possible. Record more audio than you think is necessary. This app allows you to record and send up to 2-minutes of audio. WUNC wants to hear the whole 2 minutes if you’ve got it.It’s OK to talk – feel free to get your Dick Gordon on and provide a little introduction, narration or description. But remember we want to hear A LOT of the sound in the clear, without talking.Listen to your recording before you send it. Ask yourself: Is it clear? Were you the correct distance from your subject? Should you try again? Would it help to introduce the sound? Be sure to leave a good email address or phone number. WUNC wants to talk to you about your recording.Thank you for giving this experiment a try. Go forth, have fun, record and we’ll see you on the radio.

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