Voice Ringtones COMBO Pack|免費玩個人化App


免費個人化App|Voice Ringtones COMBO Pack|阿達玩APP

The best of everything! Includes all 900+ of our ENGLISH human voice ringtones and notifications, as well as all 60 human voice musical ringtones... all in a single app and at a lower combo price!

Real human voices alert you of incoming calls, and also notify you of a variety of alerts. Recorded by professional voice actors in world-class studios, these voices sound real because they are real!

Spice up your phone with these hot voices telling you that you got a new e-mail, a new text, that your boss or relatives are calling, and dozens more.

Nearly 1000 ringtones and notifications in all!

Includes eight different voice sets:

- Sexy woman

- Business woman

- Cool chick

- Girl next door

- Sexy guy

- Business man

- Cool guy

- Boy next door

Each voice set includes 59 notifications for your phone, as well as another dozen musical ringtones. Here are just some of the included notifications:

- E-mail



- Facebook

- MySpace

- Twitter

- Windows Live Messenger

- Level 1 alert

- Push-To-Talk

免費個人化App|Voice Ringtones COMBO Pack|阿達玩APP

- ...and dozens more!

Includes personalized ringtones, including ringtones for when these people call:

- Mom

- Dad

- Mother

- Father

- Husband

- Wife

- Brother

- Sister

- Son

- Daughter

- Boss

- Coworker

- and more, all set to music!

Here are some of the included musical styles:

- Rock

- Jazz

- Funk

- ...and more!

You get all 900+ human voice ringtones and notifications from our regular package, plus 60 human voice musical ringtones with the most popular greetings. All this in a single app, and at a discount for buying as a combo pack.

Over 960 human voice ringtones and notifications for your phone.

Best when used with RINGS EXTENDED app.

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