Voice Kit|免費玩生產應用App


免費生產應用App|Voice Kit|阿達玩APP

This app provides many functions using voice (Internet is required). The main functions

Version 1.3: Great improvement in UI design

免費生產應用App|Voice Kit|阿達玩APP

1. Voice commander: answer commands from users

免費生產應用App|Voice Kit|阿達玩APP

. Answer question about time and weather

. Give definition of a word or phrase

免費生產應用App|Voice Kit|阿達玩APP

. Showing map or current location

. Launch app: email, sms, photo, contact, camera.

免費生產應用App|Voice Kit|阿達玩APP

. Search information in Google, Youtube, Wikipedia, Wolfram Alpha.

2. Voice translator: translate from one language to another

免費生產應用App|Voice Kit|阿達玩APP

. Using voice to translate up to 14 languages

. Support text to text translation around 50 languages

免費生產應用App|Voice Kit|阿達玩APP

. Support saving result

3. Text to voice: convert text to voice

免費生產應用App|Voice Kit|阿達玩APP

. Convert text to voice (100 characters limited except for English) for about 50 languages

. Support sharing text to email, sms, social network

. Support copy text from Clipboard

4. Search by voice: search information in some websites by voice

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