Virtue Bible SE|免費玩書籍App


免費書籍App|Virtue Bible SE|阿達玩APP

VirtueBible is one of the first bible app for the Android platform and designed for ease of use and the highest performance. If you're always "on the go", you'll appreciate the user friendliness of the interface, and especially the speed and fluidness of the app.

It's now really no more excuse not to fill yourself with the word of God, anytime, anywhere, even when you think you have "no time"...

Read. Meditate. Share.


* Multi verse selection

* Text-to-Speech

免費書籍App|Virtue Bible SE|阿達玩APP

* Voice marker

* Share (email/SMS/Twitter)

免費書籍App|Virtue Bible SE|阿達玩APP

* Memorizer (>350 memory verses + add your own)

* Markers,colorful highlights,search,history, inline marker image

免費書籍App|Virtue Bible SE|阿達玩APP

* Copy text

* Slick interface

免費書籍App|Virtue Bible SE|阿達玩APP

* KJV Red Letter

* Library with lots of translations

免費書籍App|Virtue Bible SE|阿達玩APP

* and lots more

PS: For support on problems or questions, please send email to Thanks.

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