Villa Maria - Virtual Vineyard|免費玩生活App


免費生活App|Villa Maria - Virtual Vineyard|阿達玩APP

Visit New Zealand’s key wine growing regions and discover Villa Maria’s spectacular vineyards in Marlborough, Hawkes Bay, Gisborne and Auckland.

Download the free app and scan the Villa Maria logo to unlock an augmented reality animation which marks the start of your very own New Zealand wine journey.

免費生活App|Villa Maria - Virtual Vineyard|阿達玩APP

Go on to explore 360 degree views of the sprawling vineyards and watch additional harvest videos via hotspots. You can share this unique vineyard experience via Facebook and Twitter.

A must have free app for wine lovers and New Zealand enthusiasts made by Villa Maria, New Zealand’s Most Awarded Winery.

免費生活App|Villa Maria - Virtual Vineyard|阿達玩APP

Contact if you have any questions.

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