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An app tile can be a static image, but it can also be a live tile, which can show the user updated news, photos, events, or other content related to that app. Notification updates, based on a Windows-supplied set of templates, provide that material (which can come from either a local, network, or web source), keeping the tile content fresh.

The sample demonstrates the following scenarios:

Sending new text content to the tile

Using a local image (from the app's package or local storage) in the tile

Using a web image (http or https protocol) in the tile

Updating a badge on the tile

Updating a tile through a push notification, using Azure Mobile Services

Exercising the full catalog of tile templates

Enabling the notification queue, either regardless of tile size or selectively for specific tile sizes, and using tags to selectively replace notifications in the queue.

Setting an expiration time for a notification so that it is removed from the tile

Accessing images through different protocols and by using a pre-defined root path (baseUri)

Globalization, including localization, scaling of images, and accessibility

Optimizing images before you send your notification, including scaling and cropping (JavaScript only)

Avoiding duplication of content in tiles that show multiple stories

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