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Note: The trial is FULL VERSION but will contain ads.

Not a health nut? Track ANYTHING with this fully customizable tracking app!

In This Update:

* No longer in BETA!

* Completely redesigned interface for most screens

* Now supports multiple profiles

* Completely customizable tracking items

* All new local data storage format is better, safer, and flexible

* Major code improvements throughout

* Many bugs have been squashed


Your previously entered stats will not display after the update - but your data is NOT lost. A bit more testing is needed before I can safely migrate it all to the new version and an update will allow this as soon as we get it finished. Then it will be as if it was there all along.

This app allows you to enter measurements of vital stats such as your height, weight, waist line, and more and review your history or even chart it!

But wait! It's not just for people trying to lose weight! A body builder can track their biceps, thighs, or chest! Or keep perfect track of your children as they grow up! Not into that? Track ANYTHING else you want! Fully customizable!

Planned updates include:

* Unit conversion options

* Share a proud measurement with others

* Back-up (and restore) your history

* Set goals you can view on the charts

* Improved charting capabilities

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