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免費生活App|TipTip Free|阿達玩APP

TipTip is the only musical tip calculator that's designed around enhancing your dining experience. It's as much about design as it is about functionality. How? TipTip makes it just that little bit easier to figure out the tip while you bask in your food coma. Its musical keys is fun and a conversation starter with your friends -- or maybe even the waiter or waitress! Speaking of friends, is more than one person paying? Splitting the bill can't be simpler.

What people are saying about TipTip:

"Very cool and unique tip calculator! A pleasure to use - and it intrigues people every time"

免費生活App|TipTip Free|阿達玩APP

"Love when my bill amount is part of a song I know."

"Neat UI!"

"This is fun to use, very intuitive with all the features I need."

免費生活App|TipTip Free|阿達玩APP


* Stylish and fun with playable piano keys for the keypad

免費生活App|TipTip Free|阿達玩APP

* The most used functions are right there so you use less steps

* Use your last tip percentage or change it with a few simple taps

* Easily split the bill with as little as one tap

免費生活App|TipTip Free|阿達玩APP

* Enter the subtotal or total, whichever you know (another way to make things simpler)

* Versatile rounding options can save you money or make the amount you pay nice and even

* Choose to pay or not pay tips on the tax portion

免費生活App|TipTip Free|阿達玩APP

New in v1.1:

* Improved user interface (new theme-matching background, new icon and other layout tweaks)

* Fixed a crashing bug on phones that use a comma for the decimal mark. (Sorry, my international friends! Pardon! Tut mir Leid! Mi dispiace! ¡Lo siento! Anteeksi!...)

免費生活App|TipTip Free|阿達玩APP

* Added easier ways to rate the app and send feedback. I want to hear from you!

This free version is supported by ads and is fully functional. Consider getting the paid version for an ad-free experience. (Click on "more from Emobicon" below.)

免費生活App|TipTip Free|阿達玩APP

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