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免費生產應用App|Time Predict|阿達玩APP

If it's 10:30 AM in Bombay what time is it in New York?

Do you need to schedule meetings for business? Or maybe talk to a special someone across a timezone?

Time Predict will help you out!

Move the sliders to tune your local time, the application will show you the equivalent time in the other time zones.

- Supports every time zone with Daylight Savings

- Simple interface, shows day/dawn/dusk/night

免費生產應用App|Time Predict|阿達玩APP

- Allows you to fine tune to the Minute.

- Needs no special permissions to run on your phone

Available for Kindle Fire on amazon app store here:


Graphics on this app is done by : http://www.jenniferleigh.ca/

(The bigger slider changes your time in steps of 30 mins. The smaller slider changes in steps of 1 min)

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