Tile Weather Pro|免費玩天氣App


免費天氣App|Tile Weather Pro|阿達玩APP

With this app you have clear weather all weather conditions and in different colors and tiles

View. You can store and display up to 7 cities.


- 7 cities save and show

- GPS support

- Complete, accurate weather data

- Ice warning (for example for your car)

- Barometer Trend

免費天氣App|Tile Weather Pro|阿達玩APP

- Sunrise / sunset, day length

- Moonrise / moonset, moon phase

- Landscape

Weather data:

- Weather situation as text

- Temperature

- Chill Temperature

- Humidity in%

免費天氣App|Tile Weather Pro|阿達玩APP

- Max / Min temperature of the day

- Air pressure

- Wind speed and direction

- Dew point with ice warning

- Visibility in km or miles *

- 4 days preview, picture, Min, Max, rain probability, weather situation

- Sun: Sunrise, Sunset, Day length *, time

- Moon: rise, fall, phase as text and image *

免費天氣App|Tile Weather Pro|阿達玩APP

- Precipitation Radar (Germany), animated

- Map (if outside Germany)

- Current Zodiac

- Settings

* If available for the city


- Temperature in ° C or ° F

- Wind speed in km / h, mph, knots, m / s, Beaufort

免費天氣App|Tile Weather Pro|阿達玩APP

- Air pressure in mb, hPa, Torr, psi, inchHG

- 7 cities with test function and GPS or select from map

免費天氣App|Tile Weather Pro|阿達玩APP

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