Tiger White Tale LWP|免費玩個人化App


免費個人化App|Tiger White Tale LWP|阿達玩APP

Tiger White Tale LWP interactive implementation latest solution. Fully free edition.

Interactive fixed and improved free Tiger White Tale LWP edition version.

Pleasant and nonintrusive wallpaper with an animation theme with the following components: Tiger and White, Tale.

Animation combined with a professional rasterized graphics. Calm HQ design compositions.

High quality HD HQ background was chosen according to application theme.

Depending on a scenario chosen, user may change background in the settings.

Backgrounds are much larger than a run screen - they can be scrolled over desktops in a portrait position.

免費個人化App|Tiger White Tale LWP|阿達玩APP

Animated objects move along set trajectories, changing their directions when interactively touched.

In the setting section users can set movement parameters and quantity of animations.

An additional covering frame may be enabled by the user in the settings.

免費個人化App|Tiger White Tale LWP|阿達玩APP

Pressing of a centre of the screen enables sound module.

Settings provide for sounds disabling and volume control.



免費個人化App|Tiger White Tale LWP|阿達玩APP

1. Animated wallpaper - download.

免費個人化App|Tiger White Tale LWP|阿達玩APP

2. On your device setting menu find icon Tiger White Tale LWP and launch.

Tiger White Tale LWP - original designer solution.

Tiger White Tale LWP alive wallpaper can be used in horizontal and vertical positions of your device - phone or tablet.

免費個人化App|Tiger White Tale LWP|阿達玩APP

Please send us a message with your wishes and problems concerning installation and use of application.

Tiger White Tale LWP interactive wallpaper is steadily operated by the majority of popular models from major manufacturers.

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