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免費遊戲App|Tap Flower HD|阿達玩APP

Spring is here! Connect 5 or more flowers to keep the garden growing and the flowers happy! More flowers grow all the time, see how long you can manage your garden! ★ GAME CENTER ★ Connect to Game Center and compare the scores with friends! ★ CONNECT 5 Anyway You Like★ Make rows of 5 or more similar flowers in vertical, horizontal, or diagonal! ★ BLOCKED ★ You can plant flowers only if the path is not blocked by other flowers! ★ EXTRA POINTS ★ Earn extra points from the squares with rocks, red mushrooms and white mushrooms! ★ UNLIMITED GamePlay ★ The game ends only when you run out of space, how long you think you can manage? ★ 5 DIFFERENT GARDENS ★ This HD-version includes 5 different gardens to play, all available from the start of the game! Also, all of the gardens are bigger than on the iPhone-version, so there's even more time to play!★ AND MORE! ★ Includes soothing nature sounds on the background and simply amazing colorful flowers on green grass!

免費遊戲App|Tap Flower HD|阿達玩APP

免費遊戲App|Tap Flower HD|阿達玩APP

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