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免費遊戲App|Tap Dog Park HD|阿達玩APP

TAP DOG PARK IS HERE! For iPad!Now you can build your very own custom and personalized dog park! Choose all of your favorite dogs! Big dogs, little dogs, cute dogs, and super adorable puppies! What do you want your dog to do? Play frisbee, chase a cat, fetch a ball, go near the fire hydrant? :)Customize your park with all kinds of trees, dogs, props, and much more! You can make it look exactly the way you want it!NEW BONUS - Use your own camera to take your own pictures and add them to the Dog Park!!!----------------------------------------------TAP DOG PARK FEATURES:- Create your own custom dog park!- Choose from all kinds of cute and adorable dogs.- Customize your park with everything from trees, balls, fire hydrants, animals, and more!- Use your camera for your own creations.- Supports all iPadsENJOY TAP DOG PARK!

免費遊戲App|Tap Dog Park HD|阿達玩APP

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