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免費遊戲App|Tap Dat|阿達玩APP

Get your tap on!! Now for FREE! Nice Little Game-"Two games in one and for the Ipod touch works great!" - Kolina_26 5 Star!Tap thingy-"This is the awesomest game on the iPod!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!" - Sami WilmesFun and addicting-"Way way addicting!!!!!" - Roshly 4 StarOddly Addicting-"I always thought these kinds of games were boring. Then I got this one for free, and became addicted. I'm 11 on the global leaderboard." - cpuguy89 5 StarFun little time waster!-"Gotta say though, be careful! If you're like me, you'll start it up to kill 4-5 minutes, and end up killing 20!" -MrKatsu 5 starTap Dat is the latest and greatest new time-killing app in the App Store! Stuck in line? Waiting for an appointment? Long wait at the restaurant? Nothing on TV? Taking lunch at your desk? No matter the scenario, Tap Dat is here to help you pass the time away and keep you (and ingeniously, your kids) entertained! How long can you tap dat dot? Can YOU top your friends on the leader board? Tap Dat’s concept is simple. Tap the ever moving red dot on the screen for as often and as long as you possibly can. Don’t be fooled by the black dots, which are certain death, and keep your speed up because the longer you play, the faster you’ll have to tap to stay in the game! Can you tap and talk at the same time? Can you tap and walk at the same time? Find out! Don’t let your thirst get the best of your game! If you need a drink, play while you go and get it. Have to pee? Well, you get it the idea… Become a multi-tasking tapping fiend and outlast all of your friends on the leader board! There’s no time limit, there’s no tap limit, just keep tapping longer than the next guy, and you’ll become a taptastic tapper! Become a fan of Tap Dat on Facebook! Just search "Tap Dat"

免費遊戲App|Tap Dat|阿達玩APP

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Tap Dat玩免錢App


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