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免費生活App|Survey My Church Free|阿達玩APP

The Apostle Paul would often say, “I would not have you ignorant ...” For church leaders not to know why people come to their churches or stop coming is indeed ignorant (darkness) and gives place to the devil to thrive in their ministries. The purpose of the Survey My Church app is to help pastors and church leaders remain in the light concerning the thoughts and feelings of their congregations. For an UNLIMITED number of times, Survey My Church is the first app ever that instantly allows pastors to see the results of how members and guest view their church culture and to see the results of how people felt about any church function or event they attended during the week.

免費生活App|Survey My Church Free|阿達玩APP

From the confront of their cell phones, church members and guest can take a quick survey and have it anonymously sent to their pastor’s email. Regardless of how many people who attended that service, pastors can log on to, enter their emails and Survey My Church passwords and instantly they can see a chart of how every person in attendance felt about that service within seconds!

免費生活App|Survey My Church Free|阿達玩APP

No more long paper survey forms to fill out. No more teams of people spending days and weeks pouring over the data to interpret it. Pastors can see the data instantly then share it with their ministry teams to improve EVERY worship experience!

免費生活App|Survey My Church Free|阿達玩APP

Help your church grow or keep growing by downloading the Survey My Church app. As a believer, you have an obligation to share with your pastor what is helping or hindering your church. James 4:17 reminds us, Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin. It is a sin to walk away from your church without at least informing that church on what they can do to improve. This is why God allowed us to create the Survey My Church app. No need to hop from church to church anymore, this app will help ensure your voice and thoughts will be heard anonymously.

免費生活App|Survey My Church Free|阿達玩APP

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