The Sun 3D Glass weather reporter application will produce the weather information about 24 hour, 12 month and 365 days. The user doesn't here about the app experiences previous weather reporting apps. In Sun 3D Glass Weather app will shows the weather information in world Three dimensional view. The Experiences will give more interact and the real weather will displayed on hourly based on the world view coordination. In top position of the there are two scale show they are displaying the time in HH:MM format and day in MM:DD format. The two scales are adjustable if you increase the time. If the is Increased from the Actual time then the corresponding weather info will displayed.

For now day weather application could displayed only weather information in digit format. But the Sun 3D Glass will display the weather info with world map radar format.


In sun 3D Glass application if you adjust the time scale then automatically the weather report also change and also the sun position in real world how could the sun rice and sun set happen in nature the nature happening will be stated in our application.

The user for the Sun 3D Glass users will feel the sun set and sun rice while the time scale was changed.


The next scale in the Sun 3D Glass will be the Date scale if you also change the date scale the date scaling button will displaying the Month in letter format and day in number format. if you change the scale the weather for the corresponding day will illustrated and displayed the weather


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