Strife wiki|免費玩個人化App


免費個人化App|Strife wiki|阿達玩APP

Strife wiki is the ultimate app for Windows Phone for get all the latest information about Strife, a MOBA game from S2Games. With Strife wiki you can find all the information about your heroes, pets and more.

免費個人化App|Strife wiki|阿達玩APP


- Find lore, stats and abilities for all heroes and pets

免費個人化App|Strife wiki|阿達玩APP

- Have a look to all the items categories.

- Find out which items are necessary for crafting other items... all in one app

免費個人化App|Strife wiki|阿達玩APP

- Check what's new in the latest patch

- Save your heroes, pets, items and watch it even if you don't have connections!

免費個人化App|Strife wiki|阿達玩APP

- Download to your phone all the heroes, pets and items database for see it even if there's no internet connection

免費個人化App|Strife wiki|阿達玩APP

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