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免費運動App|Sqor Sports|阿達玩APP

Follow your favorite professional and college athletes to get articles, images and social media updates from them straight to your newsfeed.

"Sqor Sports delivers the most entertaining content publishing platform for athletes in digital sports." - Brett Favre, NFL Quarterback Legend

"Sqor Sports is an awesome way for me and my fans to connect. It gives me a chance to show them more of who I am and what I do, on and off the field." - Chris Canty, Baltimore Ravens

"If you're a fan, [Sqor.com] is the place to be!" - Mo Claiborne, Dallas Cowboys

"Fans, the world is at your hands now. Check out Sqor.com' - Louis Murphy, NY Giants

“I love you Sqor Sports.” - Marcellus Wiley, ESPN Radio Host, former NFL All Pro

Sqor Sports Features:

+ Follow your favorite athletes to get news social media updates, highlights and images from your favorite professional and elite athletes.

+ All your sports news and game highlights covering pro football, baseball, basketball and MMA in one place.

+ Build your own following of sports fans by posting thoughts and photos to your own custom profile.

At Sqor Sports, we’re all about the athlete. We are intensely focused on the relationship between the athlete and the fan, thus delivering the most engaging sports platform ever. Sqor Sports has more than 1,200 professional athlete from every major league signed up and that list is growing everyday. There is no off-season.

免費運動App|Sqor Sports|阿達玩APP

免費運動App|Sqor Sports|阿達玩APP

免費運動App|Sqor Sports|阿達玩APP

免費運動App|Sqor Sports|阿達玩APP

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