SpyCollar - precise location|免費玩娛樂App


免費娛樂App|SpyCollar - precise location|阿達玩APP


- Monitoring of corporate fleet,

- precise location of workers,

- team working time coordination,

免費娛樂App|SpyCollar - precise location|阿達玩APP

- internal communication cost optimisation,

- safety of data on corporate mobile devices,

- better chances to get back corporate device lost or stolen,

- online tracking.

SpyCollar is a simple solution using GPS, GSM, and Wi-Fi to obtain precise data on device location. It provides full remote control over devices.

免費娛樂App|SpyCollar - precise location|阿達玩APP

Use maximum capabilities of corporate devices!

SpyCollar for young - Keep an eye on your friends!

Simple, user-friendly and functional location app. Does it really exist?

From now on it does. We’ve created this wonder, SC, especially for you. SC is a mobile tool enabling you to track down your friends.

Using SC you can:

- track down your friends using the application with their consent,

免費娛樂App|SpyCollar - precise location|阿達玩APP

- determine position of lost devices: phones, tablets, and block access to them via sc.com,

- do remote backup of important files, SMS, contacts at your device, and copy data on the service,

- check history of places you have visited,

- communicate with your friends via internal texting by data transmission,

免費娛樂App|SpyCollar - precise location|阿達玩APP

- share your information with your close ones.

免費娛樂App|SpyCollar - precise location|阿達玩APP

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