Spicy Story|免費玩解謎App


免費解謎App|Spicy Story|阿達玩APP

Super fun match-three game with AWESOME graphics! It has over 30 levels to play, each with different goals. Not all games have the same grid sized and matches can be formed horizontally, vertically, and even diagonally. Keep track of best times and star-ratings for each level!


- Swap adjacent jewels to form a match. Easy touch and swipe interface.

- Matches can be horizontal, vertical, and even diagonal.

- Colorful jewels themed graphics.

免費解謎App|Spicy Story|阿達玩APP

- 35 levels, plus 2 additional play modes.

- Varying grid sizes and challenges.

- Over 30 kind of jewels to discover.

- Keep track of best scores and rating try to best them.

- Discover interesting power-ups.

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