Speed Control Demo|免費玩交通運輸App


免費交通運輸App|Speed Control Demo|阿達玩APP

Why this little software?

 With my car, I used for a long time GPS applications indicating the possible maximal speed according to the crossed roads and to the localization of the vehicle.

 Unfortunately these data are not accurate enough and do not protect from the fines and retreats of points of driver’s license.

 These softwares ask for too much attention of the driver who has to look very too much at its screen instead of looking at the road: that’s dangerous.

免費交通運輸App|Speed Control Demo|阿達玩APP

 Wath’s more, trusting the software, the driver has less vigilance and doesn’t watch enough the signposts on the road.

 I thus decided to program the software which I needed.

The specificities of this software:

 Easy to use while driving (buttons of big size, practical colors, alarm’s sound).

免費交通運輸App|Speed Control Demo|阿達玩APP

 Simplicity making this software independent from data of changeable mappings and not always updated (roadworks).

 Simulation’s mode to be used to use it.

 For the drivers travelling abroad with their car, possibility of putting the speed limits in the unit of measurement of the country and of post the speed in the unit of measurement of the speedometer (for example mph).

Two offers:

免費交通運輸App|Speed Control Demo|阿達玩APP

 Paying complete version: 1 €

 Free demonstration: everything works but some limitations among which:

 The regulations of the maximal speeds are not preserved

 No choice of the alarm’s sound

免費交通運輸App|Speed Control Demo|阿達玩APP

 No regulation of the noise of the alarm

 No regulation of the lighting and thus no night’s mode

免費交通運輸App|Speed Control Demo|阿達玩APP

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