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免費健康App|Spartacus Workout|阿達玩APP

The ultimate Spartacus Workout app for Android.

Are you tough enough to take up the challenge?

OhTee Media brings to you the ultimate Spartacus Workout app based on the amazing abs and muscle building workout from Men's Health Magazine for the TV Show Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

Get ripped. Fast!


- All 10 exercises in 3 difficulty modes suitable for your fitness level.

免費健康App|Spartacus Workout|阿達玩APP

- Beginner (30 Seconds)

- Intermediate (45 Seconds)

免費健康App|Spartacus Workout|阿達玩APP

- Expert (60 Seconds)

- Quality animations to help guide you through each exercise.

免費健康App|Spartacus Workout|阿達玩APP

- Tutorials to help you get to grips with each exercise.

- Start/Stop timer to enable you to pause during your workout.

免費健康App|Spartacus Workout|阿達玩APP

- Sound alerts at the start, midway and end of each exercise.

- Current/Next exercise

免費健康App|Spartacus Workout|阿達玩APP

- Big Timer


免費健康App|Spartacus Workout|阿達玩APP

We'd love to hear what you think (good or bad) about this app or if you have any suggestions you'd like to see in future releases so feel free to email us or leave us a comment.

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