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免費旅遊App|Spanish Phrasebook|阿達玩APP

The "Spanish Phrasebook" is a talking, illustrated phrasebook which translates English words and phrases into Spanish. The programme offers you the unique opportunity to communicate abroad without any special language skills, as it can simply speak the translation as required. Easily understandable illustrations make communication even easier.

You can use the "Spanish Phrasebook" to order plane tickets, book hotel rooms, take a car to be repaired or order a meal in a restaurant without any language skills at all. More than 2,200 phrases and words are included for each language, all of which are clearly categorized according to the respective topic, such as customs, hotel, service, driving, car services, sightseeing, entertainment, eating and drinking, sport and leisure.

The integrated search function makes it easy to find what you need. If, for example, you want to book a single room in a hotel, simply key in "single" and the phrase "I would like to book a single room" already appears on the screen.

免費旅遊App|Spanish Phrasebook|阿達玩APP

• More than 2,200 illustrated phrases and words with audio tracks are included.

• All phrases are spoken by native speakers.

• Precise and simple categories organized into topics and sub-topics.

• Favorites category for saving words and phrases in to your own list.

• Fast full-text search function, including partial words.

• No internet connection required for use. All content stored on the device.

免費旅遊App|Spanish Phrasebook|阿達玩APP

• Each entry is illustrated, making communication even easier.

• Very easy to use for all ages.

免費旅遊App|Spanish Phrasebook|阿達玩APP

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