Space Terror|免費玩射擊App


免費射擊App|Space Terror|阿達玩APP

This is a 3D FPS zombie game. The game is about a space station is overwhelmed by zombies escaping from the hell gate. No one survives, except for you. Your mission is collecting the keys to shut the hell gate.

免費射擊App|Space Terror|阿達玩APP

The game has various kind of modern weapons: handguns, shotgun, rifles, sub machine guns and melee weapons.

免費射擊App|Space Terror|阿達玩APP


免費射擊App|Space Terror|阿達玩APP


If you have any problem with the game, please contact me via this email:

免費射擊App|Space Terror|阿達玩APP

Your welcome!

- Adjust exp that player gain from zombies.

免費射擊App|Space Terror|阿達玩APP

- Fix the theme song stutters sometime.

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