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免費天氣App|Snap Weather|阿達玩APP

‘Snap’ Weather was designed to be a simple, global weather forecast application. It does not download any ads or tracking software of any kind. This saves you on data charges and conserves battery life. Your ‘free’ app may actually cost you much more than you think!

‘Snap’ Weather app can take the name or postal code of any city and display the current conditions and 3 day forecast. For example, you can enter:

· New York

· London

免費天氣App|Snap Weather|阿達玩APP

· Seoul

· Pine Bluff


· 11226

免費天氣App|Snap Weather|阿達玩APP

· SE9

· 120

免費天氣App|Snap Weather|阿達玩APP

· 71613

As Snap Weather does not download any ads, only pulls a small data file and does not use the GPS it is extremely efficient. This saves you, the app user from excessive data connectivity charges and uses a minimum of phone resources putting less stress on your battery.

The perfect weather app for the user who wants to keep tabs on data usage, is not fond of ads or tracking software, can use a global weather forecaster or wants to conserve battery life. ‘Snap’ Weather is for you!

免費天氣App|Snap Weather|阿達玩APP

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