Snake Patience|免費玩紙牌App


免費紙牌App|Snake Patience|阿達玩APP

The Snake Patience is a solitary game which is easy to learn but not so easy to master. Cards from the deck are added from left to right. The patience is finished when there are no more cards in the deck and the snake cannot be shortened. A card to the right can replace a card to the left if they have the same value or suit, and if they are adjacent (no cards in between) or there are two other cards in between. The ultimate goal is to get only one remaining card, but that is extremely hard (unless you are a computer).

免費紙牌App|Snake Patience|阿達玩APP

免費紙牌App|Snake Patience|阿達玩APP

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Snake Patience玩免錢App

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